Things to do for a secured life

“A secured life is a happy life”

Every person desires a secured life- a life free from worries and uncertainties about his future and that of his family.  A secured life, on the other hand depends on the financial freedom and financial stability of the person.

We are listing some of the most important things to be done for a secured life

1. A good job goes a long way in securing your life. It gives you financial stability as it guarantees a periodic inflow of money.  Look for jobs that suit your skill set and your interests. This will help you to excel in your field leading you to better positions and higher perks.

2. Savings: A wise person always saves for the future.   With soaring cost of things, people usually find it hard to save. But with little efforts and adjustments, it is usually possible to save some portion of your monthly income. It is better to inoculate the habit of saving early in life.  Savings can go a long way in securing your life, as you will have extra fund in your hand to spend for sudden expenses.

3. Insurance: A quote by Suze Orman says that “A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-if’s of life”.  This is indeed true.  We never know what may befall us in future.  Insurances provide cover against such unwanted happenings.   It is a great investment scheme too and many of them provide good returns and are free from risks as well. You can invest in Life Insurance policies, Property Insurances, Car Insurances, ppi claims and so on.

4. Property: Acquisition of property is a good option as you are investing in a fixed asset and is one of the safe avenues to invest with good yields.  You can even rent it to earn some extra income.

5. Real Estate: Investment of your money in real estate can be a good option but one has to be cautious of the fluctuating price in the market.

6. Mutual funds: Mutual funds are good options, especially for people who look for less risky instruments. These funds accumulate the savings of a large number of investors in a common place and allocate it to different resources, which consist of both high and less risky instruments. Before investing in such funds, do a little research on the returns and performance.

7. Equity: Investment in equity can yield fabulous returns but they are very risky. By purchasing stocks, you are actually buying a part of the company’s asset. As such, when the company gains, your returns are high while if the company is at a loss your yields will also shrink.

8. Retirement plans: Pension plans are one of the best tax saving   instruments in securing your future. The earlier you start investing in them, the more your money will grow and yield good returns.  Various pension schemes are offered by a number of Institutions like Standard Life, Fidelity Worldwide, Skandia, and Scottish Windows and so on.

A number of other options are also available like Bonds, Corporate bonds, Futures and Options, Bullion and so on. Choose the options which suit you and become worry free about your future.

A secured life is a happy life

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